World Yoga Alliance Teacher Training

World Yoga Alliance is an International Indian Yoga Organization which provides all types of Certification and Registration for Yoga Teachers and Yoga Training centers from all Yoga styles. WYA has full authority by the Indian government to certify and recognize teachers and Yoga schools or centers. World Yoga Alliance is World’s premier Yoga Education Institution.

World Yoga Alliance head division is based in New Delhi, India with district divisions all around the world. In Europe our European division is based in Cyprus. WYA is made up by an independent accredited group of Doctrines whom have studied at various Yoga Universities all over India, and have been in the field of Yoga studies for more than 25 years. University Accreditation in all aspects of philosophy, Ayurveda medicine, Asana practice and life dedication to Yoga as enabled us to set a high standard of teaching practice for anyone who joins one of our certified Teacher Training courses worldwide.

200 hour Yoga Europe Teacher Training in Cyprus

Deepen your Yoga practice and knowledge

The 200hr Yoga TTC is designed to take your personal practice to a whole new level and provide you the skills set to offer students an intelligent and inspired yoga class. This course is ideal for serious students and aspiring teachers.

This foundational yoga training is designed to give you a transformational experience. You will gain a deeper understanding of all things yoga and become part of likeminded community. For those who want to teach, this will mark the beginning of a successful career as a yoga teacher.

Graduates will be able to register with World Yoga Alliance at the RYT-200 Level.

300/500 hour Yoga Europe Teacher Training in Cyprus

Become a professional Yoga Master

You know the basics of anatomy and sequencing to give your students an intelligent and effective yoga class, but now work with a mentor to develop your own voice and master your teaching.
Graduation from a World Yoga Alliance 200-hour training is required.

The course work in this program is 300 hours and will qualify graduates to register with the Yoga Alliance at the RYT-500 level.

Graduates will be able to register with World Yoga Alliance at the RYT – 500 level.

(For Yoga Teachers with 200hr Certification from World Yoga Alliance the 500hr level is 3 weeks)

(For Yoga Teachers with 200hr Certification from other Organization the 500hr level is 6 weeks)

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