50hrs Exclusive Advance Teacher Training with Swami Dharam Ji in Cyprus

Swami Dharam Ji (Director of World Yoga Alliance India) in Cyprus!
Enjoy a 50 hr Advanced Yoga Teacher Training with Swami Dharam Ji – Open to all level yogi’s and teachers.

Exclusive 50 Hours Teacher Training Course Certified by World Yoga Alliance (WYA). Getting a good experience of yoga life and gain more knowledge with Professional Official Yoga Teachers Team of WYA. Guru Dharam (India) is master teacher of World Yoga Alliance and he will be leading teacher these 5 days intensive!

If you are not a teacher yet, of course you won’t be one after this training. You will however receive a 50 hour certificate by WYA. You need at least 200 hours to receive a WYA international yoga teacher license. If you decide to take a 200 hour WYA teacher training (which can also be registered training), you will become a 250 hour qualified yoga teacher.

For those among us, who already are a qualified yoga teacher: you will receive a 50 hour Exclusive Additional Teacher Certificate!

Main Language: English, Sanskrit

Location: Cyprus Europe

Dates: 26 – 30 April 2017

Info and RSVP: +357-7000 8018

Facebook Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/220145815074925/

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