Aerial Yoga Teacher Training Cyprus

This is a 50 hours Aerial Yoga Teacher Training organized by World Yoga Alliance Europe, based in Nicosia- Cyprus, being the subsidiary of WYA Organization in India.

Date 1: June 2018 from 9:00 to 17:00 Book your spot call at: 7000 8018
Date 2: November 2018 from 9:00 to 17:00 Book your spot call at: 7000 8018

Aerial Yoga is a combination of the traditional Hatha Yoga Asanas, aerial flow and fitness dynamics. This combination, apart from offering well-being, helps us overcome our fears of being upside down, the fear of anti-gravitation and floating. Practising Aerial Yoga is sort of a game which challenges and invigorates. It opens up new doors as to how you can work with your own body weight.

Using a hammock as a tool in supporting the weight of the body, you will learn how to enter, perform and exit Yoga Asanas, Yoga Asanas variations, strength & flexibility enhancement poses, floating, flying and inverted poses. You will learn the pros and cons of Aerial Yoga, its history, how to flip and swing, and how to sequence a class.

Upon completion of the program, a written and practical examination will be carried out.

The Teacher Training Aerial Yoga program, is certified by World Yoga Alliance in the category of “Continuous Education” and is worldwide accredited.

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