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Hot Yoga Teacher Training



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This is a 3-day Hot Yoga Teacher Training organized by World Yoga Alliance Europe, based in Cyprus, being the subsidiary of WYA Organization in India.

It’s a synthesis from traditional Yoga techniques (Asanas and Pranayamas) with few newest elements and with the use of heat in order to increase an individual’s flexibility in the poses. Hot yoga typically leads to profuse sweating. In colder climates, hot yoga often seeks to replicate the heat and humidity of India where yoga originated. Hot Yoga getting popular during the 1970 and is ideally practiced in a room heated to 40 C (104 F) with a humidity of 40 %.One of the most important benefits for those who are devoted to the practice of hot yoga is the detoxification process: heavy sweating helps flush toxins from the skin. The heat also allows the practitioners to go a little more deeply and safety into the postures. For people who want a more intense workout, for those who wants to develop strength, flexibility and tone the cardiovascular system. The heat helps the body to relax and focuses the mind, which develops better mental concentration.

Upon completion of the program, a written and practical examination will be carried out.

The Teacher Training Hot Yoga course, is certified by World Yoga Alliance in the category of “Continuous Education” and is worldwide accredited.

Yoga Teacher: Eleni Preka
(Absolute hot yoga teacher training, 200h – Koh Samui
Barkan hot yoga teacher training level 2,3 , 80h – Maiami)

Dates: 18-20 March 2017

Location: Cyprus

Booking & Info: +357 7000 8018


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